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My music publications of S.L. Weiss sonatas in


United Music and Media Publishers, a partnership of Metropolis Music Publishers, Alry Publications and Digital Music Publishers


My classical guitar forums for sharing compositions and arrangements

My sources for original manuscripts and printed editions in the Public Domain of

Simone Molinaro

Including transcriptions of works of Orlando di Lasso, Clemens non Papa, Gioseppe Guami, Battista dalla Gostena

Domenico Scarlatti

Manuscript collections of 496 harpsichord works (ca 1742 – 1757)

Johann Pachelbel

Including the Hexachordum Apollinis set of Arias with variations

Francesco di Milano

Book III, complete score #269395′¬† for Fantasia no 40

Alonso Mudarra

Including Fantasia Facil II on page 26

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck

Including Diligam te Domine on page 5 and Qui vult venire post me on page 19

Melchior Neusidler

Including transcriptions of works of Orlando di Lasso, Adrian Willaert, Domenico Ferrabosco

Girolamo Frescobaldi’intavolatura%2C_Libro_2_(Frescobaldi%2C_Girolamo)

Abraham van den Kerckhoven

Rynoldus Popma van Oevering

Some of my music friends

Marc Rouvé

who is a great admirer of my work on S.L. Weiss

Peter Knockaert

who did a fine job in engraving and correcting some of my S.L. Weiss sonatas published by Metropolis Music.

Bart Beuming

who is a great admirer of all music