Silvius Leopold Weiss

A new series of eight lute sonatas by Silvius Leopold Weiss, transcribed for the first time for guitar are published by Metropolis Music Publishers. Five Sonatas come from a set of tablature manuscript volumes in Dresden, three are from the British Library in London. All sonatas are transcribed and arranged in 2015.

Metropolis Music Publishers is part of United Music & Media Publishers:

Silvius Leopold Weiss (1687 – 1750) was probably the greatest composer of lute music in history, ranking with Francesco da Milano and John Dowland, the two outstanding figures of the Renaissance lute. Weiss certainly was the most technically accomplished lutenist of the 18th century.

The set of eight sonatas is a mix of early and late works of Weiss. Composed between 1706 and 1745.

Sonata XXIII (WSW 48)

Sonata XXVII (WSW 50)

Sonata XXXIII (WSW 52)

Sonata X (WSW 15)

Sonata XXIX (WSW 25)

Sonata XVII WSW 23)

Sonata V (WSW 7)

Sonata XXIV (WSW 4)